Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter fishin

The Arctic front that had a grip on us let go finally. It did a number on a few of my plants but we were mostly unscathed and pretty soft when it comes to weather. People in Cali have idea what shitty weather is. Atleast on the Coast anyway. Temps bounced back and we have had a string of nice sunny days touching the 70 mark. So after one bitter cold day skunk on Carp, they moved back in limited numbers again. Egrets are back snapping up baitfish and life is good again.  Not wide open sight fishing but enough shots to keep you walking and looking for more. If, and that's a big if, we can get some warm rain it will break loose. Ocean looks doable to get out on Monterey Bay this weekend so I'm hoping to get some inshore fishing done around the Capitola and Santa Cruz reefs.  Here are some shots from the carp grounds and a photo I took of our almost two month old Grandson that we are really really proud of.. Have a great christmas!



testflycarpin said...

Nice pics man.

David McKenzie said...

thanks bro

Matt said...

Great photos as usual and congrats on that little grand baby!