Saturday, December 28, 2013


It was a pretty good year all around. Family is happy & healthy, my daughter was married and delivered a perfect grandson. Work was busy and fishing was solid on all fronts both at home and on the road.. I really can not complain one damn bit. Here are a few of my more memorable fish of 2013.  I'm looking forward to the new year with a couple of trips planned. One is  Baja in May and another trip back to LA for Redfish. Have a fantastic 2014!

Early on the Striper fishing was excellent. We had a couple of good fronts that really moved the fish up and they were snapping. The one above was my best Striper for 2013.  I also made an effort to fly fish the surf. It was hit and miss but I scored a few nice perch while i battled the learning curve.

Spring was divided up into Carp, Trout and Bass.. For the most part Spring and summer focused around Carp on the fly. Except for a couple of weeks when I go after American Shad. I fished lots of new water and learned a ton about fly fishing for Tidal Carp and started getting into big fish more consistently than the last couple of year. Mostly due to branching out and simply just finding bigger fish. It was also fun to watch friends get there feet wet with Carp on the fly rod. I really got stoked on streamer fishing for Bows and also made a trek for spring time Lahontan Cutthroat in between the Carpin and wish I had done more!!

Carp continued strong all through the fall to present..I broke it up with some Striper days, Coastal inshore, Trout and a trip back up to chase fall Lahontans and stuck my personal best in the 13lb range.

Another 2013 highlight was a DIY south Fla trip. Storming most of the 7 Days. Baby Tarpon were plentiful but  I stumbled on an area with some big Tarpon in the 20-30lb class.  I jumped half a dozen nice fish one day and caught two. That event turned around what could have been a washed out trip. That's pretty much sums up my 2013 recap. We still have some fishing time left before the ball drops so get out there and have a fantastic 2014!


David Knapp said...

Looks like you had a fantastic year with a lot of nice fish! Good luck in 2014!

Gregg said...

Couldn't be more jealous. What a season! The grandson-especially sweet!


Atlas said...

You always have some fantastic photos. Looks like a phenomenal season. Hope you have just a good if not better one next year.

David McKenzie said...

Thanks for the comments dudes. Have a great winter!

Juan said...

Those are some AMAZING fish! Especially that big fat striper! that thing looks like it put up a hell of a fight! happy 2014!!

JL Harrison said...

Love the pics.