Saturday, October 5, 2013

Recent fishing..

iv'e been getting out as much as possible. Oct-Dec is my favorite time of year. Fantastic weather, excellent fishing and football has everyone in front of the TV instead of on the water.  Today didn't exactly feel like fall with the temps hovering around 90 by noon. The shorter days and lower sun angle has fish moving around and I stuck a couple of nice bows swinging streamers this morning.  One was a nice 18-19 fish followed by a super hot 20+ chromer..Made my day. After lunch I went and scouted a some reservior flats that are always pretty good in Oct-Nov and only had about a half dozen shots in 3 hours. Stuck two and they were both small fish. Not quit what I was looking for at that lake but the levels are perfect and the bigger fish will come once the shallows start to cool a little.

Till next time!

Carp in a clown suit

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Mark Kautz said...

OK, the "Carp in a clown suit" comment made me laugh.