Monday, October 28, 2013

Random fishing

Lot's going on with family and work but I've been able to get out 2-3 times a week.  Carp are on fire with excellent numbers of quality fish. Huge numbers of small fish that must be weed through though.  Weather is stable and warm and the Pond Smelt spawn has hit the peak season. Right now is some of the best sight fishing for Carp of the year. The water is clear and the fish will suspend and just slowly cruise through areas that are thick with the small baitfish. Small white streamers are the ticket. I will likely start to transition to other fishing here shortly though. As the water starts cooling in November and the bait fish scatter the shallow fish windows become shorter and shorter. A normal day in the winter is 2-5 shots or double that with warm weather. It's been a great season with a couple of 20s and many teener fish so I really can't complain. They will be around all year in lesser numbers and make a nice winter time diversion so the "season" really never ends.

Carp fly thief
Streamers for bows has been tough with mostly small fish grabi=ng flies. Flows keep chamging and fish either drop down stream or move up so it requires a lot of pick and scratch fishing to get on them from day to day. It's a ton of fun and will keep pestering them!

Later folks!  

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Gregg said...

I am envious of your carp!