Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We are finally starting to see the season change. Not particularly cold around here but the leaves are falling and there is a crispness to the morning air. My fovorite time of the year and fishing is right on par with the season despite the drought that we find ourselves in. We need a good Sierra snow pack this year or we're in trouble! Big trouble..

Pretty little scrub
Carp are available but to be honest I havn't hit them in a couple of weeks. Stripers and Bows have been the focus but I may see whats happening with them this weekend . I presume they will be right where I left them.  Daytime temps have been in the mid to high 70s and the nights high 50s low 60s so the cool down has been gradule.

Good fishing and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Mark Kautz said...

Hi David. I think we might get some cooler weather next week. Unfortunately no rain though.

David McKenzie said...

I'll be heading over the pass Into north western nevada on monday..then back over the cascades and back down the Scaramento Valley for some fishing on different water. I'm pretty sure I'll get immersed into cold weather
Pretty quick! Hope it's not to snotty though