Monday, January 4, 2010


Another decade down.. I think my goal in 2000 was to just fish full time and make a living at it. I was able to get a couple of years in before the bills stacked up. I didn't get a whole lot of fun fishing in during that time either. But, it was a blast and I met some great people. People I still talk to and fish with to this day. I think this next decade my goal will be to try and stay employed so I CAN fish. Whatever, I just hope everyone has a great new year.

I fished Fri-Sun and it was tough as nails the whole time. It was great to get out but after two days of brutal fishing with little or nothing to show for it I was pissed. I hear people say all the time, "It was great just being on the water" C'mon, who are you kidding?! I'm not out there for the hell of it. I can take up birding or sea kayaking if I just want to be out there.

I fished with a young guy of 22 yesterday. He lives close and I've been bringing him with me from time to time since he was little. He's turning into a decent fisherman. We had a good time and just went fishing. We laughed, joked and kept fish score like old times. It was fun and more importantly I won. We really enjoyed a cold foggy day on the California Delta. Here are couple of photos of Justin..One taken yesterday with a tired little largemouth he a caught and the other with a smallie. He couldn't have been more than 9 years old in that picture. Also a couple of images of the Delta.

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FreezeOut said...

C'mon Dave, you don't really take fishing seriously do you? Ha-ha!