Saturday, January 9, 2010

CaLiFoRNia dEltA

Arguably the best fishery in the west for over all quality of Largemouth. Clear Lake can come close or even exceed at certian times of the year but day in an day out you just can't beat the Calironia Delta. I fished solo today. It's nice to get out there and just fish. I can relax and really concentrate on my fishing. I boated 8 LM and 3 little dink stripers. Stripers on the fly was tough and I put some time in on it too. I just couldn't find em in the area I was at. Bass fishing was good for this time of year. Subtle bites but excellent quality. About a bite an hour but you never know, the next fish might be a pig so the river always keeps you on your toes!


Esox Fever said...

Beautiful basses,to which variety belong that largemouth? Is it the northern or the floridanus?

David McKenzie said...

Most waters in Central to Southern California have Florida strain or Fla/Northen X hybrids. Its really hard to tell them apart aside from DNA work and ofcourse maximum growth. I believe the areas I fish are mostly Florida strian Largemouths.