Sunday, June 7, 2009

South Bay fishing

It's ridiculous how much water we have to fish on foot. Both boats have been parked for a couple of weeks while try and get these carp out of my system. It's not working. Today I worked some flats on another reservior and found some willing fish after a few fly adjustments. First 3 fish looked but refused. I saw tons of fry so I went with a little shrimp fly that looks similar to the bait I was seeing . Next two fish I threw on grabed. Fish were real subtle in there movements today. Mudding a little deeper and swating at fry ocasionaly. Few pics and a crappy solo hero shot.


John Montana said...

Great fish! they look like they are in great shape, did they spawn already? next time i'm in northern CA i'll hit you up for some carping!

David McKenzie said...

Thanks John..About 50/50.Lots of fish still moving onto the flats and into the creek arms on the lakes. The creeks/small rivers I fish for carp around here sre done for the most part. They are clearly into there summer pattern of mid day tailing. If your around the SF bay area look me up.