Tuesday, June 16, 2009

East Side

Headed over to scout a Western Nevada reservior with a good population of big Walleye, wipers and yellow perch.. 3 fish you won't find in California. Going up the west slope was pleasant enough. Once I hit the summit I knew I was in for it. Weather turned to shit the rest of the trip. Rain, snow, hail, very close unpredictable lightining ect ect... I did about a 400 mile loop and was home by 10pm. It is still one of the most beautiful places on earth, even if you never make a cast. Ran into some Wild Horses and turkeys along the way. The lake you ask?...well it was blown out with zero vis and rising fast. Still a little early. I'll own it next time!I didn't stop for photos much but here are a the ones I took.

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