Saturday, June 20, 2009

Misc Fishing..

My Intention was to fish Monterey Bay this weekend..We had perfect ocean conditions and I was able to get one day during the week. Wind/Swell kicked up for the weekend and it looks like it's going to continue on through...Black, Blue and Olive Rockfish were eating OK off the kelp beds. I havn't been out there much lately and this trip fun.. A little swell but the wind cooperated for the most part.

So, with no plans and wind screaming everywhere I wanted to boat fish, Carp on foot it was. One is tough as hell to fish creek with smart wary carp and I fished the afternoon at a local Reservior. Got bit at both places today. The one fish I was able to feed on the creek broke me off due to human error. I tried to put the brakes on the fish when she was heading to thick cover and 'kapow" gone. It's really hard to turn em when they are green. The lake gave up what I consider school fish. Post spawn fish mudding on flats. Wind blew strong out of the south and warm. I also hit a small creek to finish up on some pretty little rainbows.

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