Monday, May 26, 2014


Baja is a magical place. The sunrises are unreal and the dry desert meeting the stunning sea of cortez always draws me back. It is a unique meeting of water and land not paralleled in North America. And only a two and half hour direct flight from Cali. This was my 5th or 6th time down but I had never spent much time in the East Cape area. We stayed in the La Ribera area this time.  Fishing was up and down. Much of my time was spent chasing Roosters from the beach on fly. It was tough fishing despite the good conditions. I was getting a dozen or more shots a day on fish ranging in size from 5lbs to 20.  Most just ignored the fly or drifted off into deeper water. I'm sure it was my presentation. I was happy with the two small roosters I did catch beach fishing. Also on the beach schools of Corvina,Croakers, Jacks and other oddities. Any rocky reef also held decent size Juvi Cubera snapper, triggers and small groupers.. Really nice quality Corvina ! Ive caught them in the past but these were exceptional and numerous in the skinny water at times. Very similar to the east coast sea trout to give you a perspective and a welcome for me on the tough days when roosters were non existent.

My go to beach for Roosters. From where im standing 1/4 mile to the
point is where most of my shots came from. There is worse places to hand out!!

Baby Rooster

The only way to get around on the beach


Sunrise over the Sea of Cortez


Slim Shady

Needlefish can be pretty problematic at times. They destroy Flies and Leaders.
Aside from that the big ones are a cool fish in my view!


Cruising Dorado

one of the worlds wierd creatures

 I panga fished a few days and it was up and down on the Dorado. There was plenty of Skipjack Tuna around and if you want your arms ripped on with a 9wt these are it. Super strong for the size and good fun. When we found a school of Dorado it was all you wanted for a short time. I missed a really nice bull. It ate about 20ft from the boat right on the surface and somehow the running line wrapped around a gunnel rail and that fish busted 30# leader like it was nothing. It was PB Dorado on fly for me. End the end I caught plenty of smaller 15-20# fish and was not dissapointed o=in the Dorado fishing. We just had to work for them. One morning we stopped on some boiling Skippies and about 100ft out I noticed a BIG boil.  There was no time to try and get a cast with a fly rod so I fired off a 7in Big Hammer swimbait in that direction. I was sure this was a huge dorado since we were over about 80ft of water.  It was instantly attacked and it was on. We instantly knew this was not a dorado and thought maybe a big Amberjack once the battle began but 30min later we boated a 60lb Rooster. A beautiful fish and a clean release.

My arms felt like they were going to fall off! Just before that fish I had battled a small (75-80#) Marlin we teased up on a hookless ballyhoo. Pretty busy morning!

 End the end it was a fantastic trip. Great accommodations at Rancho Leonero and I look forward to getting back down there soon to redeem myself on the beach roosters.


Daniel said...

Awesome pics!

Mark Kautz said...

Looks like you caught one of just about everything.

fireflyfisherman said...

Billfish on fly rule! Fantastic job and great pics.