Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer is here...

in full force..triple digit temps and the hills are dry as a bone.  Fishing is decent but damn it's been hot and putting in sun up to sun down days can be tough.

Carp are done spawing and not quite in the summer pattern I like. A lot of mudding and not to many quality fish cruising.  It seemed like the spawn lasted forever but they are coming around. Lots of small everywhere but the big girls are little harder to find right now. That will change pretty quickly and I expect to start seeing them back in the shallows in more numbers soon. 

American Shad, Stripers and Bass have been the main targets as of late. Saterday was one for the books. . I marked a school of good fish in about 30'..My partner drops down and boom..A big Rainbow about 7lbs. Ok, it happens often enough that it isn't any big shocker but we moved over to another close by spot and we proceeded to catch 5 more Rainbows from 6-10lbs +..That does not happen everyday.  We missed just as many short bites. We also caught a few Smallies and Largemout but the three hours on that hole is memorable. Even if they were hold overs it was a lot of fun.

Hit some Shad grounds the fllowing day and it could not have been hotter. 103 at 1pm when I got off the water..A good number of small males and one 22" hen. Shad ae fun and stunningly beautiful in my opinion. A nice deversion and we sight fish them so all the better. It was good morning and I had to stop off for an Ice Cold beer and the best Tamales ANYWHERE on the way home.

Average Male

22" American Shad.
Tamale shack


Mark Kautz said...

I can not imagine you're catching those big Bows' in the same water as Shad and Carp. I'd keep that hole quiet.

David McKenzie said...

No...they were all caught in different places/ water.. Just a recap of the last week or two.

Gregg said...

Huge trout and a wide range of species, could it ever be bad there?


David McKenzie said...

Hey Gregg,

Yes., the fishing can be tough as nails but that is part of the game. I don't post every outing but trust me, it isn't always on fire. Thing about living here is you 12 months of the year to make opportunity happen and we have varied and diverse options. It is up to the individual to make it happen!

testflycarpin said...

Yeah, those shad look pretty sweet. Lots of different colors refracting in their scales. Very cool.

Douglas Kretzmann said...

caught some shad in the American river once, real pretty fish.. didn't know you could fish them on the flats too..