Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I love this time of year...The variety in the fishing is as good as it gets. We have been getting fronts rolling through about every three or four days. Lets prey these continue. These have been warm stuff coming out of the south.

The fish have really responded to the inflow of freshwater into the marsh/brakish areas. Good numbers yesterday with 5 out of the dozen or more being over 14# with a very thick 20+ class fish. There is certianly areas around the country where that wouldn't raise any eyebrows but thats about as good as it gets here. For me anyway.

Were supposed to move into the high 70s over the weekend so I fully expect the already good fishing continue until everything goes into full blown spawn. Some areas are already in full spawn and some new flooded backwaters have large fish up shallow chewing on small bait fish and focusing on packing it on.

first 20+ of 2014

Diablo Range finnaly starting to green up



Mark Kautz said...

Wow, what a tubbo carp.

Juan said...

That carp is a pig! nice one, man! What fly did you use to land that bass?

David McKenzie said...

Black/red #6 bugger

Freakin_josh said...

Now thats a hog! Ive caught a few last month around #12 pounds.