Sunday, March 30, 2014

Carpin with Dan..

Friday Dan Blanton and I spent the morning and early afternoon chasing Carp. The better quality fish were absent in the area we fished but we did a get a couple of shots on teeners and we passed on a lot of average fish looking for a pig but it just didnt happen.  We ended up with about a dozen or so average fish and had a great time.  Dan broke off the best of the day with a leader failure. I was bummed since it was pretty nice fish of about 15#. I'm about to head out now to see whats up in another area so we will see what happens with all the rain we got last night I expect good results. It usually turns them on. Dan and I have an LA trip for Reds coming up in the Fall and i'm looking forward to it.

A front moved in Satetrday Morning. I love fishing in the rain and it really put the Stripers on the chew. It was non stop for most of the day in two deep bays where they had silversides balled up. I was ready for a big bite but it never happen.  I lost count but 40+ fish easy. I was solo but two guys could have really racked up some numbers.  I didnt get anything big but no dinks and the non stop grabs from 4-6lb fish was fun.  My hands are tore to shreds today. They were suspended in 15-20'over 50-60' of water off steep bluffs.  Water was  Crystal clear with aboiut 15" vis and watching them run the big flies down was awesome.  I harvested a bleeder and he will be coming to dinner tonight.


The Great Lakes of NYC said...

Nice work

Gregg said...

That's almost more carp than I catch in a year some years. Sounds like a carp paradise.