Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Recent fishing..

Smaller Carp are active but I'm concentrating on Stripers the last week or two. With that, the Striper fishing isn't all that good on the Delta, for me anyway. Warm water and lots of small fish with a few in the 4-6lb class. Good strong sea run fish but playing the " here one day gone the next" game consumes a lot of fuel. I may switch over to lake fishing for them before to long. The weather has been beautiful up until the last couple of days with lows in the 60s and highs in the low to mid 80s. Really can't ask for better fishing conditions.

small fish like these are whats on tap right now

a good one from a week ago..they have left the shallows for now

sunrise out the kitchen window 
I hit a the beach and harbor jetty a few days ago for Surf Perch and blanked. I do pretty well this tiome of year and the bait guys were catching a few but I couldn't get bit on a fly to save my life. Stunning beach weather and all the tourists are gone so it was worth it. Just didn't happen fish wise. I did spot a small Leapord Shark cruising the inside flats but he wasn't anywhere near in range to cast too. Guys get them to eat flies often enough to give it shot with a low tide like I had so I stuck around but didn't see anyhting else after that one.

Elkhorn Slough, Moss Landing  Cal

Surf Perch grounds

Moss Landing Jetty

cheap and effective stripping basket. a must for the beach and rocks

Shark flats

First light on the California Delta

Sherman Lake, Cal Delta

As a life long Giants fan this has been one of the best Octobers for me in a while.. That was sick!!


Carlos Rubio said...

Hi, nice carps. Here, in Segovia (Spain) we can´t enjoy your weather, Last days we had -2ÂșC in the morning. So try go fishing carps with the fly rod is a impossible task.
But in the positive fact is the raining doesn´t stop, after a dry summer.
Anyway if I can´t go fishing, the hunt start season will give me a opportunity to go to the country side,
take a look to my other blog,

Gregg said...

Nice to see your fish and topography, all the variety you have. I use a stripping basket almost exactly like that, very needed item for me. I have about 3weeks od carpin left legitimately and that water never freezes over so I do try year round. Have caught fish every month but December, hope to fix that this year. Good luck hunting Carlos.


David McKenzie said...

Interesting blog Carlos! We are blessed with a somewhat medertanian climate here. Rarely freezes with mild winters. That's not the case inland at higher altitudes only two or three hours east though. Carp can be fought on fly year round but it is a grind Dec-January so I focus on other species.

Gregg, your in ID aren't you? Have you spent much time on Blackfoot Res?

Johan Silver said...

fishing in dubai perfect entertaining tool during my trip.

Johan Silver said...
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Gregg said...


Yes, SW Idaho, if I manage big water it's CJ Strike on the Snake. Blackfoot is on my list. Ponds are most accesible to me.