Saturday, October 6, 2012


Spent the day flogging the local Carp grounds. Kind of a so so day with some fish lost, some fish caught and some scouting of new water with added bonus of running into random luggage and Cactus jungles to navigate..All in all a pretty good day to be out with an easy to deal with 80 degrees. See what happens manana!

Oh, I ran into Wilson. Wilson was randomly sitting in the weeds not near any trail. Just sitting there in the middle of nowhere. Wilson might have had 50K or maybe someones dope stash or perhaps body parts but we'll never know becouse it freaked me out to find a new,clean duffle bag filled with "something" (i poked it with my rod butt) just sitting in the bush like that. The shit you run into while Carp fishing eh?!.No other Specie provides as much fun and mystery!

Things are just starting to feel and look "Fallish"

Access is tough with gin clear water here but a good population resides!

This creek is LOADED with these. Also saw two Salmon

Clear water!! Caouldn't get a clean shot so I took a photo



Fish Whisperer said...

You mean to say you did not open it? Boy America sure has gotten paranoid. Imagine if you were 15yo and found that bag? Opened in 5 seconds flat.
I know curiosity killed the cat, but at least he found out what it was.
Tight Lnes

Mark Kautz said...

Wilson is not something you would take home and put on your window sill? You know, fishing keepsakes. These days it could have been an IED. Good you left it there.

Gregg said...

I'd of checked out Wilson, maybe one of my last foolish acts. But the sucker, carp, clear water, very much else is needed.