Sunday, April 29, 2012


Fishing for sheer numbers of fish is outstanding and I didn't even get to what I consider my best water which is in another location all together..Kinda saving it for a an out of town friend who is coming in. Lots of smaller pre and post males in schools of 2-10 fish daisy chaining on and off the flats from about 10am-3pm today. It's a continuous conveyer of Carp for the most part. A flooded field had some spawners up in the grass splashing around today pretty heavy...

My one complaint is the size. They are running on the small side at the place this year and i'm not even seeing bigger fish at this particular place. Couple of glimpses at 10-12lb fish out of range and today was better than yesterday with average up a pound or two. Ive dropped down to 5wts which handle these 3-6lb fish just fine. It also helps with good soft drops if the wind isn't blowing to hard. The fishing is challenging and by no means a gimme despite the lack size and I'll be back. I'll leave these alone for a week or two and move onto other places so I dont ruin a good thing. Hammering the hell out of them day after day will destroy what could be months of fun. The area is wide open and my legs are screaming from two days of kneeling up and down trying to stay low..By mid summer they'll be back in shape.


Gregg said...

Nice fish, to me any carp is good carp, seriously. As usual, wonderful pictures.


David McKenzie said...

Thanks Gregg!