Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tough fishing..

But unbelievably nice weather! T shirt and shorts today. Warm north west wind about 15kts was stubborn all day. I didn't get on the water until 10:30 so I had it coming. It's been a morning bite so I went looking for new water. Fish were deep in almost every location I found them. Most of the grabs were in 20+'. Clear water with about 9' vis so I suspect those fish were coming up from 30' to eat. I marked schools of Stripers as deep as 60  and the majority of the fish were right around the 35-45 mark in tight schools. Bright moon and no overnight fog may have had the fish eating all night. I managed 7 fish for a short day with most in the 19-22'' class. It was one here one there. One or two fish from school would spook the area. They were a little on edge. They will be back to wolf packing soon.

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