Friday, January 20, 2012

So little time..

I've been busy with work and also getting boats serviced and worked on before things take off in 2012. It's January, fishing is a little slow but the weather has been really mild so far in our neck of the woods. We are getting our first front, with any measurable rain and snow in the Sierra's as I write this report. It's dry here folks, really dry. Hell, there was a wild fire in Reno while I was in the area and vertually NO SNOW in the high country. We need this one bad. With that said, I have had a few days on the water since my last report. California Delta for Stripers and also a quick solo session at Pyramid Lake yesterday, and also this morning, before the front pushed me back on this side of the Sierra's. Fishing was OK for Jaunuary and weather at the lake was unseasonably warm and increadibly windy.

Mud Hen Juction on the Delta

Slow, but steady fishing for small Stripers on the river

An Egret taking the plung for baitfish

An ultra lite making a touch down on the river

Great day on the Delta!

Pyramid Lake, Nevada

Lohanton Cutthroat



Alvaro said...

Bonita imagenes.

John said...

si, muy bonita imagenes. Really like that mug shot of the cutthroat.

Mark Kautz said...

Bet you're not dry now.