Friday, March 25, 2011

There back!

Today marks the start of my Carp on the fly season. Today was the first day this year where I got a visual on happy tailing carp! That means I have an honest 7-8 months of sight fishing ahead of me! I was bass fishing and not prepared for them so I didn't cast on em. I'll be back tomorrow. One was a nice fish in the mid 20s and I drove home with a huge smile. That first wave of pre spawn fish always seems to have the better quantity and quality.

Although we can target carp year round on the fly around here in a couple of locations, It's tough, they tend to be sluggish and you need ground bait to bring any in. Even then you have a good chance of a blank. It isn't beneath me and fun to catch a few off season fish on a corn or bread fly, nothing is better to me than stalking big fish in clear water for a legit eat..So much more meaningful. I caught my first few 2011 Carp on corn flies in Late January early Feb when we had about two weeks of mid to high 70s, It took 3 days to pull that off and I hung it up for the last 2 months with all the rain we've been getting. Have a good season folks!

A fat January Carp caught on a corn fly

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