Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love it..

when a plan comes together. Ended up with two eats, a couple of blown chances and refusals on about a dozen shots total for the day. The second fish I stuck came unbuttoned sadly. I wanted that fish as it was about 12-15lb mirror. Carp really shallow and little skittish but otherwise active tailers and some deeper mudding fish. Quality was awesome. Seen nothing under 12lbs and not many of those. Mojority were old wise bastards. Water was clear on the ponds despite the rage of the creek, but it doesnm't directy feed them. Stayed on two lakes and fished them hard for 6 hours. Will change lakes tomorrow and rest em.

water was up on the service roads Thursday!

 Handfull in and out of the water... 8lb tippet!

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Mark Kautz said...

wow, big Carp. Might have to try that some day.