Saturday, January 29, 2011

Plug it

I have always wondered how the hell someone forgets to put a boat plug in. I mean, shouldn't that be the first thing you would do before launching? Ive never understood it. Iv'e launched hundreds and hundreds of times and this has never happen to me. Until today. Everything is going great, my friend backs me in, comes back and I swing by the dock and off we go like a always. We idle around the first spot looking for bait. Ok, bait found and we start fishing. First cast and bingo I get a grab. Nice. I come off the deck to lip the fish and I step into 3 inches of water. WTF! We got issues. A fire drill ensued and we put er back on the trailer to drain. No harm no foul and we were back on the water and stuck a few. Be safe folks.

Milton hooked up 

Nice little winter Fly rod Striper


Mark Kautz said...

Morning David. Sometimes us old guys just have one to those senior moments. Happens to the best of us. Nice stripers.


David McKenzie said...

now you have me worried becouse im not that old. Ha

Anonymous said...

Well, I am! Once, I left the boat plugs home. Did not know it and drove over a (100) miles to put our boat in. Guess what?

Fish Whisperer said...

Shit happens and sometimes we forget to check for TP.