Friday, January 7, 2011

New years

First trip of 2011 is in the books. I decided to take a couple of days and head south to get some sun and chase Bonefish in San Diego. I knew going in that the Bones were going to be tough but I need a couple days away to at the very least get some sun. I got some sun but the damn bonefish did not show again for me. I fished hard and all in all a good trip with nice mild weather and lots of fish. San Diego bay is plugged with Bay Bass and juvi Halibut and I had a great time.  It was an easy drive both ways and a suprising amount of snow on the grapevine. Also...I just had a nice little earth quake shake the house as I write this! DIY Fly and Light tackle fishing is easy to do but if you want someone to put you on them inside or outside for other critters..get ahold of James


Spotted Bay Bass
South San Diego Bay flats

An amazing rainbow

Pyramid Lake on the Grapvine summit

Baby Cali Halibut



Mark Kautz said...

Hey David. 4.1 according to Channel 3. Nice trip to SD. Wish we'd get some warmth up here.


Unknown said...

No bone but still, great looking bass with some killer photos

Anonymous said...

Wonderful sky, landscape and fish pictures!

Unknown said...

It was great having you down. I'd love to come up there, and will definitely call you if I do make it.
Keep your hooks sharp, my friend,