Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Crappie

Trophy Crappie on Fly and ultra light tackle is right around the corner..Here is one from January 2010, I caught on a small Clouser..


Anonymous said...

That is a good looking Crappie, Dave! Hard to believe that you get Crappie opportunities this time of year. Then again, I live in snow packed Idaho.

David McKenzie said...

Hi Mel...Our best California Delta Crappie fishing, for me anyway, is Mid December thru mid Feb. The trick is finding them. They school up and if you stumble on a large school often there will be numbers of large fish. Winter 2008, a friend and I caught close to 200 in a day. There were literally 100s of fish in an area about 100 X 100' underneeth anormous schools of Shad. That is obviously rare and and hasn't happened to me since but the big fish return year after year to gorge on the slow moving Thredfin Shad. I look forward to it every year.