Monday, November 15, 2010

Delta Stripers

Back out there again for a couple more rounds this past week. Fishing is good on flies. Lots of grabs from smaller fish and few solid hard pulling fish here and there. Conditions are great! Stripers are a blast on the fly and any of Truckee River guys that want to trade a day on the water give me a shout. I really want to get up there and I know you'll have fun on the Delta.

 We were starting enter a more fall like weather pattern when all of the sudden. Back in the 80s with warm nights. Where the hell is fall? The bait fish are spread out and comfortable at this point. Once things get normal and temps decline a tad, it should really take off. I have to admit though, fishing for winter run Stripers with this warm weather in mid November is really nice. It wont last though!


Nice crib

Gas station. Thing was sick

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