Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday carp session

A beautiful warm day in late October. High 70s, light SW breeze to break up the surface and no one around. I couldn't wait to get out there for a few hours before the Giants Rangers WS game. The problem was, the first two areas I checked out were dead. No life at all on the flats except for a few Dragon flies here and there and some Hoppers kicking around the sparse thistle lined banks. October-November can have super prolific Dragon fly hatches that the carp take advantage of, especially on warm days like this, but the flies were few and far between.

The areas I fish are always changing through out the year as the lake levels drop. Every week is different structure, new flats, channels etc... I prefer low lake levels as it seems to corral them up a bit and provides more shots on feeding fish in an average day. Most of our lakes are still relativley high with the heavy rain we had last year. The photos below are on the upper end of a local lake with depth no more the about three feet and most of the fish tail in 12-18'.

As the shadows started getting longer and time was running out, I jumped in my truck and checked one last place. I could see a small school of about 4 or 5 quality fish mudding about 75 yards from where I perched on a hill side rock. They were headed my way so I hurried up and tried to cut them off. They finally made it with in range of me and I was able to get three or four really good shots with in 30'. They had the area churned up pretty good and were pushing at a good clip. I just wasn't able to get one of them to get a good look at my bug before they were gone. Somwtimes it goes there way, sometimes mine. It was fun none the less and the Giants took care of game 2!

Dragon Fly nymph

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Mark Kautz said...

Hey David. How about those Giants. I figured you'd be over in McCovey Cove. From the way they're playing, I don't think you'll get another chance.