Saturday, October 30, 2010

Small waters

I really dig fishing small creeks and ponds with ultra light fly rods. I was on my way to for a carp session around noonish and decided to go another direction since the weather wasn't going to be conducive to sight fishing.

We are blessed with temperate Redwood forests close to home. Here, being the southern edge of the Redwood tree's range but still abundant with a few old growth still left. Redwoods and the places they are found are stunning and to catch wild native trout underneeth the canopy is something I love to do.

In about an hours time I had caught atleast one rainbow in every pool in the small section I fished. Also looked around an old homestead stairway to nowhere and outhouse. Rain started and went full on so I left them till next time.

Once out of the canyon the rain let up so I hit the trail for some gills with the 2#. The blast of warm weather we had last week was all we needed to extend the farm pond fishing. They were eating the dries well and I spent about an hour messing with them before I headed for the house. Fall is finally here and it feels good. All in all a pretty nice 3 hour hike with a dozen or so fish. I like it!


rm said...


Fish Whisperer said...

Spectacular scenery and with fish makes it perfect.

Anonymous said...

Sure pretty, lush looking country. Nice job on the 'Bows and 'Gills. Time well spent.

Mark Kautz said...

Always did like the coast.