Sunday, August 15, 2010

Golden Gate

Spent a considerable amount of time fishing below the GG Bridge Saterday. Nothing going on for me. I think the best part of San Francisco is the old architecture. I shot a few frames from stop lights etc..BW seemed to fit.

Ft. Point cannon ports. Built in 1853

St. Brigid was cunstructed in 1864 and survived the 1906 earth quake with little to no damage.

First Old Church. Built in 1849. An amazing piece of masonry work. Not visible in the image, the stain glass work is equally amazing.

Ornate top of the city hall dome..early 1900s


Mark Kautz said...

With the amount of time you spend in the bay, you could go over to McCovey Cove and fish, with the possibility of a baseball to boot. Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful architecture! I really liked the look of the top of the city hall.

The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Absolutely great pics. I have been to San Fran two times and will be back again. =)