Sunday, January 4, 2015


Better late then never I suppose. 2014 was good on the fishing front. A good number number of new spiecies and pretty consistant.. I did not fish anywhere near as much as years past but the time I did spend on the water was meaningful and that's what it's really all about these days. If I have to pick one fishing accomplishment it would have to be feeding my first dit Rooster from the beach. It was only about 10lbs but I really worked hard to make that happen. I only caught two off the beach the whole week but both were really really rewarding. Close second was a 90lb Marlin on fly..epic! I have some trips lined up and looking forward to a healthy family and  productive year on the water. Here are a few highlight images from 2014.

January California Delta Crappie!

Carpin was great all year.

Sad but I did not chase Stripers as much this year. Changing that TODAY!

Ahh..Nevada Desert

First Corvina on fly.

PB Skippy on fly



Year cannot be complete with a out few shad

Jeff with a BIG bow

Grandson turned 1!

Good fishing in 2015


Erik said...

A lot of fishing in a year. We're you fishing at mt lake in sf saw they did a fish kill off.
With my new boy I did not get out so much. Walked the stroller over by water treatment an did not see a thing. My hope is to get to Kirman lake this summer. Enjoy the new year might have to ask you about the shad fishing.

David McKenzie said...

Hey Erik..I made the hump into Kirman in Oct to check it out. I did a little fishing but it was tough. I'll be back this summer. It is a hump with gear but worth it if it's on. Have a good year