Monday, May 27, 2013

Damn wind!!

It's been a windy spring. It has really made it tough to get out there and chase stripers with flies so I have been spending a ggod amount of fishing time targeting Shad and Carp on the fly. Hit and miss on the shad since it really needs to be somewhat calm to spot them but the carp water is more protected and producing. Dan Blanton and I got out there yesterday. Clouds were in and out but we both had a lot of shots all day to keep things interesting. It was a lot of fun and he is full of interesting fly fishing history and knowledge. I always have a good time on the water with Dan.

Dan working a fish

Scetchy landing


Daniel said...

I agree, the wind was been too much lately. Blew us off the water yesterday.

Gregg said...

Good stuff! Wind is a midday and seasonal thing here, yes it makes things tough! You guys did well it seems no matter it.