Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's all up hill..

from here with the day's getting a little longer each day! The last week has been cold or raining with frequent fronts moving through. The Carp are like ghosts and move in and out of shallow water quickly. They still provide some decent fishing if you put the time in but it's more like turkey hunting right now! Got to wait em out to get the shots.

 Spent New Years eve chasing Stripers and could only manage two fish for a good days effort.  It was nice to get on the water..No excuses here since conditions were pretty good. Just tough.

Pretty nice day on the lake
 So with that, I decided it was time to see whats happening at the beach. It's definitly one resource I don't take enough advantage of so I got up and went for a ride new years day. Turned out to be a beautiful day on the Central Coast. I started by driving down hwy 1 down by Big Sur, which by the way is some of the most awesome coastline I have ever seen. Some really cool places to pull off on the cliffs and check things out. Surf was pounding so I slowly worked my way north toward Carmel peeping some Humpbacks from the cliffs that are migrating along the coast. I also hit some good looking beaches and one lagoon that will hold Sripers from time to time. Further North on the way home I found one deserted beach that held a couple of Barred Surf Perch and called it at sunset. There is a hardcore group of Surf fisherman and I chatted with a couple of them. Some fish Fly, others gear but all of them were cool and I learned some good first hand knowledge. I will be doing a lot more of it this coming year.

Carmel Bay

Point Lobos

Whale watching

Big Sur mist

There is Excellent fishing in this area by boat!

Spanish conquistadors on horse back headed my way

Striper Lagoon

Good way to start the year


Gregg said...

Nice David!

I was once at Ft. Ord on special duty and explored the whole of the base and down to Big Sur as much as possible. Absolutely stunning place. Knew little of the surf then, what a shame. You have some cool back yards!


Mark Kautz said...

That whole area down there is gorgeous. Funny, I ran into that same tsunami sign up Mendocino way last summer.