Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hit my "big" fish water first. Seemed like every damn fish that was tailing was in the most challenging spot. Tight to wood, under the undercut bank, going away from me etc etc. Three hours in and hardly any quality shots, I saw a nice fish about 10lbs heading up stream toward me and I finally had a clean shot on my hands. I call them a mission fish because they look they are going somewhere clicking along on a mission about 2kts..I was able to gather and put the fly about 10' in front of her and popped twice to get directly in her path. On the fall of the second strip she inhaled it just as it intercepted her path! And for some reason it didn't stick. That pretty much blew the hole out since this drama queen bolted when she felt some steel.  So, three plus hours, 2 good flies, farmed a good one and I stepped in dog shit from an apparent irresponsible dog owner. Nice.

Plan B was to check another place I was pretty sure I would get some shots on smaller fish. Sure enough, there was quantity and all cookie cutter 3-4lb fish tailing in very skinny water. I like this place because you can lay out longer casts with out any back cast obstructions and you get lots of shots on singles. That's a good thing because they are skittish as hell with the clear water.

Wind was right and they were happy and strapping on the post spawn feed bag so I spent the afternoon covering all the good flats for 8-10 fish. I just don't see many fish here over 7-8lbs so it is what it is and suited perfect for a 5wt.. What they don't have in size they make up for it being some the hardest fighting for there size and the cleanest most pristine carp I catch anywhere.  The fish in this place will also rise to dries a little later in the year.

dead center coming at me..let em get closer.

got em

Have a good week.


Gregg said...

Love everything carp and your photography always. That one of the carp heading toward you is classic stuff!


Carlos Rubio said...

Nice carp !! congratulations...
Carlos from Spain

testflycarpin said...

Isn't it baffling how sometimes you can see the fly go in and you set the hook and don't even touch lip? How is that even fair! I have a couple of 7lb or under spots too. They can be the funnest sometimes, especially when they are aggresive.