Saturday, February 18, 2012

South SF Bay Waterfowl & Shore Birds

To damn windy to do any fishing today! So instead, I went and checked out one of the Salt Marsh Refuges acattered around the southern area of San Francisco Bay. It's an amazing place to view waterfowl and shore birds. Unfortunatly I didn't bring a tripod and just couldn't get real sharp images shooting free hand and through foliage. Most of the ducks are extremely shy and tough to get a shot of, or even with in 40 yards but I spent a few hours trying.. Fortunate to have this so close to home so I'll be back more prepared. A small portable blind would be the ticket. I have a lot of repect for the bird photographers. It's hard work being stealthy.


Mark Kautz said...

Looks to me, you did a mighty fine job, but I agree it's hard to look like a bush.


Gregg said...

Gosh-pintails, green wing and cinnamon teal, shovelers, willets, mallards, peeps (birder term for a sand piper tough to ID,) I'd say you did a nice job, the pics you ended up with are Audubon quality.