Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Carp..

on the fly is some of the toughest fishing. It's not that they aren't around. Theres plenty of fish around. It's that its tough to find the right fish. The flats I'm fishing have a few fish on them all winter if your focused and persistant. In the winter you need a little luck. The big Schools of summer and fall arent moving through all day. As the water levels drop in late fall/Winter the structure and food sources change daily and it's important to fish often and long to put your self in the window of oppertunity. I found about a half dozen fish and was only able to cast on two and those were mudding fish. Actually, only two fish were in range actually. The others were tailing 50 yards from me and wade fishing is not an option. I'm not a fan at targeting  mudders. For one, it can be difficult to make out the business end and the takes are sooo light. I like to see Carp eat and casting on those fish is blind casting for the most part. Not a very high percentage. I caught plenty of Carp this year and it's time to give a rest for a while. 

Chunky Striper from Saturday

Stripers on the fly has benn pretty good if the wind isn't too shitty. Nothing to get really excited about in terms of size but i'm getting some decent quality fish to grab. Lots of smaller fish in-between but thats part of Striper fishing in these parts.

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Gregg said...

Hello David,

I would and do catch mudding carp, even totally unseen, just their muds, by using an indicator at the depth you believe thay are. I know, especially when you can't see them at all which end is which, but the float of foam, what I use, will denote a take, well. I also watch for bubbles, they make them a lot depending on the substrate. You know what you are doing, but try an egg tie, size 6, and I am sure you'll have success. It works well for me, I use them more times than not.