Friday, June 10, 2011


Has been a bit of a struggle the last few days sight fishing Carp. Conditions are almost perfect and I've had a couple of good shots on nice fish most times out. Bait fishing pressure, clear water and heavy trail traffic on my local water makes things tough. These are city fish and extremely sensitive to movement, clothing color and shadows. Really edgy bastards!. The windows are short and perfect presentation is a must.  I think the challenge and quality keeps me coming back. Certianly not the numbers. Early morning grey light is best, which goes against traditional flats fishing for Carp, but it is what it is.

An early morning cell phone snap shot as I lay in the gravel to close to make a move.

Most average 10-14lbs with shots at high teens to low 20s possible at any time. Clearwater and bare man made banks make it tough to blend. These fish can really feel you and will bust you if your not stealthy.  There are much easier fish to feed local but I really enjoy the challenge of these and fooling one is is always satisfying. I usually only manage a half dozen fish out of the area yearly but they are almost always excellent quality.

Always some bass around but frankly i'm not that into targeting them on a fly rod. Not sure why, just enjoy gear fishing for Bass more. To each his own I guess.

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