Monday, December 6, 2010

Coastal try

With a little break in the overnight weather I thought I might try some local Steelhead. We've had some good rain and breaks inbetween so I felt pretty confident. I had a place in mind and made may my way to it. It was a really warm and hunid morning in the forest. It had really over grown since I was there last. I found the trail head ok but it ended after about a qtr mile. I pressed on keeping an eye out for any sign of pot growers and after a couple of twists and turns and alot longer hike than I remember, I found the river bed. I was a little dissapointed to find a low and VERY clear stream. I was also over dressed and had to shed some layers ASAP.  I hit a couple of small holes and continued working toward a deeper run I fished a few years ago.

I found it and worked my way to high ground so I could see whats going on. From above it looked to be about 5-6' deep below the fast water with a nice eddie and seam that ran about 60ft before it narrowed up under a jam of willows. I sat and watched for about 10 minutes and didn't see any movement at all. My only way to fish this was from down stream so I cast a clear slow sink I-line and small streamer. Not ideal. After about 5 casts I got bumped, and then a grab on the same cast. A nice little 14in fish came rocketing up. I was actually pretty satisfied with that little rat. Rain came hard and I really didnt feel like there were numbers of fish so I hiked out trying to finding high ground above small pools. I saw nothing at all on some decent holding water so I bailed and  looked at 2 other places that consumed the rest of the day. Pretty slow over all, but a beautiful day on the coast.


Unknown said...

rain or shine, fish or not, any day on the water is better than a day at work. Even so, its always nice if a fish or two does show up for the party.

Mark Kautz said...

Hey David. Better luck than I had yesterday.