Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The best..

part about football season and the kids getting back to school is the casual angler is done for the year. The fishing pressure dies about 45% in a one week span and decreases every week there after especially when the bulk of hunting opens. We have year round fishing with confortable weather here so that's a good thing. I love this time of year!

I ran up to Merced Falls on Sunday to take care of some stuff at the house..I didn't plan on fishing, but I never plan to not fish so I happened to have a couple of fly rods with me just incase. Turns out I went fishing. I brought up trash fish in the last report so I figure its a good time for you to meet the ultimate, most hated and misunderstood fish in California. The Squaw Fish. I was told before I could walk to throw em up on the bank.

They really aren't that bad. For one, they are one of the FEW native fishes we have and two, they get pretty good size and eat the hell out of lures and flies. Anyway, I targeted them and caught a bunch. Then I gently released em Ha..

Also went poking around some other not too well known areas and found it, for the most part free of humans on a holiday weekend. While there I stumbled on some Native American grinding stones where i'm sure they harvested and consumed Squaw Fish from time to time. Inmfact I read these fish were a major part of there diet.

Back on Monterey Bay monday for another Sea Bass skunk. Caught other fish but the desired target specie didn't happen again.


Mark Kautz said...

One would think that if you get a good look at the dry, desolate Merced area, that a place like the photo's of the Merced River could exist just up the hill.


Carlos Rubio said...

Hi David,
Beautiful pictures, I saw that you like to photograph fish in nice colors ... but before you had to catch them ...

Anonymous said...

Two very different-looking fish in your photographs. I like the covered bridge in your first photograph.