Sunday, November 6, 2011


Fall has finally started to show. A little bite in the air the last couple of mornings. We had a system that came from the north and every thing changed. 72 hours ago it was 70-80s and I don't think it hit 60 last couple of days. It feels good. Once the fish settle in it will feel even better. I had to laugh at everyone bundled up like they were in Dec in New England. Fishing remains good as the water temps didn't really drop much on the large lakes and the low pressure front actually got them moving around. Good numbers of quality Stripers on the fly yesterday and the next 8 weeks should be really good on the lakes and California Delta. Today was supposed to be a Carp day but the overcast and wind killed that. I decided to go on a day hike in the Mtns instead. Intended to go hunting for Browns and other than one Brown taking stab at the fly just as I was lifting out of the water, that was it. I stayed in that area for roughly 4 hours and cast till my arm fell off for no other grabs. Other than a couple of guys on there way out  from a 4 day back country trip, there was no one and I really enjoyed it. 

Nice day in the hills

Ridge top

low land Cows and yearlings about a mile across the canyon

A young bull on the same ridge


WDSTK3 said...

The pictures of the CA hills make me kinda homesick. I spent most of the first 29 years of my life in the hills...east side, west side, north and south.

McTage said...

That is some pretty cool looking countryside. At least if the Brownies werent cooperating you got a nice pleasant hike.