Friday, November 25, 2011

Random fishing...

Absolutly beautiful day on the water. Fishing was ok with a stady pick of Largemouth and Stripers,  but the highlight was the weather, it was fantastic. 70-72, light 5-7kt breeze, brilliant fall winter sunshine and hardly any boat traffic. Can't ask for more. I had a big Striper spit a fly today and that was about the only down side. It was a good one, and it hurt. I came tight on the fish, couple of swashing big head shakes and she came ripping toward me heading for deep water. I was trying to strip as fast as I could when my line had lost traction and critical tension on the fly. I never felt like a got a good purchase on the fly and it all fell apart. I didn't see the fish but I knew it was a good one the second the rod loaded and just the way she ate. Bummer.

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