Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Carpin

Fall has finally come through this neck of the woods. Well, for us at least. Highs in the mid 60s lows in the  low 50s to high 40s and rain.  I know, pretty mild in retrospect but it feels cold to me. The front that came through screwed up the Stripers.. I was able to catch plenty of fish but nothing to write home about.  I only had one good grab from a nice fish and didn't connect. Striped Bass in general hate fronts. Especially post front conditions. There is that window right before a front when there is a slight pressure drop that will sometimes get big fish on a chew but post front sucks. And thats what I had, blue bird north wind crap. See what happens this week.

 I decided to dedicate Sunday to scouting out some Coastal Steelhead water before the opener and give carp a go. My home water coastal streams look good. I have a good feeling about this year and cant wait to get out there. Plus it was drop dead beautiful in the Redwoods. Steelhead live in some killer places for sure. Plus I got to hang out at the beach for a while. The entrance to the harbor on the outgoing was no place to mess around. Nasty swell breaking right at the jaws.

The slight rising water we had with the front/rain had carp creeping around the shallows. Especially since this was a warmish front so it had a positive effect on the Carp fishing. So, Carp were a skunk breaker for me and I got to pull on some hard fighting fish. 6 of them to be exact. In the process I was a able to get two wild Goldfish to eat. They arent easy to fool for me so they were a bonus I guess.


McTage said...

Only had a couple of shots at wild gold-fish so far. They practically laughed at my fly. They do seem to be of a different personality.

David McKenzie said...

They really are tough to fool with a fly. These were bigger than average and tailing up on a flat with the Carp. Most I see, especially in moving water are almost always laid up, doing nothing and relativly small. Have a good turkey day dude.