Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Stripers

I had to get one more session in today. Lots of traffic this morning at the crack of dawn. Not sure where the hell all the people were going..Fishing was slow and steady all day. No great concentrations of fish, just one here one there type of day. Really enjoyed myself. Saw an absolute MONSTER carp today. This fish was an honest to goodness 35+.  She swam right by the boat in about 5ft deep. With 10' of vis I could clearly see the beast. It was beautiful. Carpin tomorrow. Forecast for high 60s low 70s and sunny. Could be good.

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Shoreman said...

Nice Stripers. Don't you just hate when something like the Carp happens. Had that happen off Hawaii fishing for Tuna. Had one swim by the boat that would have gone 300 pounds, but just ignored anything that the captain threw at it.