Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flats Carp

There are good shots at Carp right now for those with patience. The last couple of weeks has been kinda slow around here for them.

Here is one from today. Actually the only one I stuck. I only had 3 shots on fish. Another fish busted me when I picked up to recast and I goofed up and blew it on my last fish. The clear water fish are a super challenge. Clouds and wind came in and ruined a promising afternoon.

The first photo is a zoomed in pic of the fish I caught from about 45 feet away and above. I didnt have a good angle so I didnt cast and let her go by...she turned around about 50' up the flat and made another pass for me and it worked out. She was in 10 inches of water.

See ya

Awesome clear water bug


Shoreman said...

Hey David. Ran into a guy up at Red Lake last week that fishes a lot of the area you do. Told him he should stop by your site and take a look. Hope he does.


The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Nice spot and track on thay fish. Good job.

Carlos Rubio said...

Hi, from Spain...
Here the carps with fly rod also occupy my free time in summer