Monday, August 9, 2010

Sierra back country

Out of the house at 5:30 Saterday morning and a buddy and I were at the trail head by 10:30..we 4wd drive in as far as possible and hike and fish and hike from camp. My plan was to to settle into the high altitude and hike into Golden Trout on Sunday. After we set camp we hit the closest available water for Small Rainbows and Brookies.

Feeling pretty good with no sign of altitude sickness we decided on an afternoon hike to see if the Goldens would cooperate. They did and I was happy. We both caught Goldens and it was Miltons first ever so we were pretty stoked. A storm passed through while we were up there with sleat, wind and cold but we were able to take cover in a small group of bristle cone pines near the lake. There isn't much to hide behind over 10k. Even in the middle of August the weather can be brutal up there so I was pleased we were prepared for weather. It quickly passed and it was back to fishing until late afternoon and came back down to camp.

Next coouple of days were pretty much the same. Hiking, fishing and just having a hell of a time in beautiful scenery. Sunday, I watched a front for about an hour head in our direction. I had a feeling we better head down becouse we didn't gear up as well as the day before. I'm glad we did becouse it came in just as we were settling in at camp. It was packing a pretty good punch. Winds to atleast 50+ mph, heavy rain, sleet and hail. It stuck around for more than two hours and dropped temps into the high 30s at 4pm. I contemplated breaking camp and getting the hell out of there but decided staying put was best with all the rain. We would have to make a couple of creek crossing to get out and I didn't want to take a chance. We hunkered down in our tents and rode it out. At one point I peeked out and I swear Miltons tent was going to lift under the strain. This storm also passed and it was back to Late afternoon fishing for Brookies at camp. Sunday afternoon/night was bitter cold! All and all a great quick Sierra trip!


Anonymous said...

LOVE your landscape pictures, especially the photograph in your header. The weather in the Sierras sounds brutal!

Shoreman said...

Hey David. I watched Doppler on Sunday and man, it was ugly. Glad I wasn't up there with you, but on the other hand, would have loved to catch a couple of those Goldens. Beautifully colored. Great scenery shots too.


David McKenzie said...

Thanks, it was nasty Mark..Believe it or not we were still able to catch plenty of Brookies as soon as the bulk of the front passed despite the cold.

J Bar said...

Fantastic shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

AYearOnTheFly said...

Great pics man. Love the Golden Trout. Might just poach it from you for my blog.. I have yet to post a golden trout and those pics are sick.