Sunday, August 22, 2010

Battle ground

What a morning Pauletta and I had...We got out of the house took a drive to the coast, for what was initially going to be a hunt for shallow water sharks on the fly rod. No Dice. One area I wa wanted to fish is closed to fishing and all the other flats/bays I checked just didn't have any. I'll be back though.

Since the area is damn beautiful we decided to hit one trail head that leads to a rreally nice secluded beach. It looked like a 4-5 mile loop on the map. About 30 minutes in we could here Elk and at one pint I could see a pretty good herd about 500yards away. I figured with the wind in my favore we could get pretty close and maybe get some decent shots.

Long story short. I was able to get about 100-125 yards from them. It looked like one mature Bull and half a dozen cows.He was working hard to keep them in check too. All at once, here come two more bulls over a ridge pushing 4 or 5 more cows and a couple of Calfs. The first Bull wasn't having it and they charged one another and hooked up. This went on and off for a while and I tried to creep in closer for some tight imnages and was busted by the old gaurd bull. Luckily he wasnt in the mood to take me out.


sebi_2569 said...

nice photo;and nice blog; congratulations

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the elk! I see the one elk noticing you; good thing he didn't charge!

Shoreman said...

A brave man to get that close. Elk can get pretty nasty, especially during mating season. Good pictures though.

The Average Joe Fisherman said...

Good thing they did not perceive you as a threat. Nice photos.