Sunday, June 3, 2012


I hit some different water. This area holds tons of fish but I don't spend a lot of time here because of the mud. The substrate is really silty/muddy and it's a pain in the ass to slog through. The location  can be a real problem with ticks and rattle snakes as well. Consequently I usually have the place to myself. There weren't as many fish around as I hoped at first glance and the ones that I did see were moving fast and kind of edgy. Not real happy at all. I've seen this with Carp on the full moon before. They looked catchable so I stuck around trudged on through the tall tick infested, bog. I blew out the first two shots being way to casual. I was able to rally back over the next 4 hours and stick a few. They love large dark flies that move a lot of water. It's one place where they will even eat bugs that I tie! Time to get on the Salt and do some damage to some Halibut and Lings..


Gregg said...

I'd put up with anything North America could throw at me in almost any carp water. Nice fish, nice reward.


J. said...

Nice Carp! Gotta love that fight!

David Romanillos said...

Good carp on fly