Thursday, June 14, 2012

Carp on top..

Wind, warm weather and loads of large Hoppers right now. It isn't unique for them to eat on top here or anywhere else but I havn't been able to really dial it in until recently.  One thing I noticed, at least with the fish i'm targeting is wind is your friend and liquid floatant caused more than a couple of last second refusals. Hotter the weather the better!  


Shoreman said...

Hey David. Got any suggestions for a fly if I take a shot at the Carp in the American?


David McKenzie said...

Hard to say Mark. You'll have observe and see if they are looking up and what they are keying in on. When they are focused on top its always worth a shot. Blind casting has not been a productive way to catch carp on fly for me. It does work on some places though.

Gregg said...

You took them on hopper imitations, cool! I always hope and wait for chances like that.