Saturday, June 9, 2012

Open water carp

I hit a couple of local river spots for a few shots and one stocky fish. Water was a little high for this time of year. A Curious jogger took a photo for me and I hit a couple more stretches before I called it. About 11am I head out of the city and set up on a lake I hadnt been too in a couple of weeks. Wind was honking from the NW but fish were up and snappin if you put it infront of them. Once I settled into what they were doing I spent the next few hours slowly moving my way through three large flats and ended with a dozen or so fish.  Nothing to get to excited about but I'll take and the quality was pretty decent over all. This is one place where I do wade. Usually only ankle or calf deep but it is necessary becouse the flats have a really flat pitch and 100ft out is only about 18" of water.  I hope this wind lays down so I can get out and chase some Stripers or get on the saltwater tommorow. Looking forward to getting after soemthing different.


Brookfield Angler said...

Sounds like a good day on the water. Great shots, btw.

Shoreman said...

You must have gotten lucky. I was down in the valley yesterday and it was blowingggggg.


David McKenzie said...

It blew like a son of a bitch all day Mark. Today looks flat though.

Fish Whisperer said...

Great shots. And some nice looking fish.
Tight lines

Gregg said...

Never caught a dozen carp in a day, I'm happy with A fish, and I mean 12 hours of fishing. Good for you.