Sunday, June 17, 2012

California Coast

The California Coast, particularly Central and Northern is tough to Fly fish. Seems like everything is against it. Wind, Swell, Extreme currents etc etc. The list goes on. Today was no exception and NOAA missed it again. Var winds to 5kt my ass..It was 10-15 right out of the gate and the seas were building when we head for the barn at noon. Swell was managable @ 4ft but the damn wind chop and extreme currents made for horrible drifts over the local reefs. Don't get me wrong, it's still lots of fun and there is always something to see and catch in Monterey Bay. I just like being out there and I cant wait for a flat calm overcast morning to get out there.  Lings are plentyfull and one of my favorite fish to target with flies or swimbaits. They are the quintessential marine perdator. They grow big, fight hard and will eat anything they can grab on to. They are also wonderfull eating but I don't kill em these days. I usually wait for a Halibut and none showed them self today.

Santa Cruz

Black and Yellow Rock fish


Fish Whisperer said...

Weather people, the same the world over. I have learned to be my own forecaster.

Gregg said...

You have quite a variety of places and species to choose from, great to see you take advantage of it. Ling are cool, I've only caught the fresh water cousin, the burbot.


J. said...

I MUST go ocean fishing! Those are some ugly/Awesome fish! By the way, the picture you have up top of the bridge is a great one!

JM said...

On top of my all-time wish list is "taking a ling cod on fly" ... an awesome predator.