Saturday, February 11, 2012

Short day on the water..

It was somewhat pleasant this morning.. Word on the street was we were getting rain but I never saw any. I planned on a short day so I could get some boat work done. A front moved thru last night and seemed to break up. About noon the ceiling dropped and the wind started howling so I called it and ran for the barn. Didn't see any lightning but there was a wierd static electricity in the air and I wasn't down with getting fried out there waving around a nine foot lighting rod. Fishing was slow and steady with 4 or 5 grabs in the first hour and then just a couple the next three as I bounced around from one place to the next. All nice hard pulling fish so i'll take that over dinks any day.

This guy was tacking his way out off shore under that shit..whatever!


Shoreman said...

Best not to be a floating lightning rod.


Fish Whisperer said...

Great storm photos and that was a nice looking fish. I feel the same, when the sky threatens time to go.

J. Lopez said...

Great looking stripers you've got there! I see you're in the bay... where do you fish? I'll be checking back in!