Friday, August 19, 2011

Random fishing..

 Lots of Bass, a few small Carp and Squawfish have been the only thing captured recently. For those not familiar with Squaws, they are native to all of the west coast and I believe a strain is also in the Rockies if i'm not mistaken. Depending on the the situation they can be pretty fun. If you grew up around Squaws that were competing with and consuming Trout, you were schooled at a young age to kill em on sight. I'm not down with that now and have mustered up some respect for Squawfish aka (Sacrameto Pike minnow) if they are native to that particular watershed. They were a main staple for Native Americans between Salmonid seasons on the west slope rivers of the Sierras for 1000s of years. To me they are an interesting Native Fish.

Small male Squawfish

Toulumne River

These flowers are  incredibly sticky and line the river banks.
They jack your fly lines and cloths.
Hometown VFW hall. Erected 1860. 
If I can sight fish Squaws with light fly tackle, I will give them my attention, but blind casting for them can be a little un interesting I will admit.. There best atribute has to be that they crush dries better than most Trout, and raelly love streamers. There eats are voracious despite the fact that after the initial over the top grab they dont have much stamina and tend to give it up. Where I target them in clear water, they are pretty fun to sight fish nd it can go on all day fi there is enough around. Like I said, not the best fighters after the initial grab and first run but the bigger fish are bullish. This might possibly be the only Squawfish report I'll ever do so there you have it.  Ha!

My Truck is loaded and i'm heading out in the morning for a few days for something different. Golden Trout. Wild  Goldens are stunningly beautiful and fun to hunt and I really look forward to this every year. I will be in AK later in Sept so this is my only window to get up there before the weather turns in the high country. This year will be solo as is most years and i'll base at about 10k and have 3 or 4 lakes and adjoining streams to day hike out too at around 10.5 to just under 11k. They love small dries and cruize the shallows on the small lakes. Usually I wont see to many anglers, mostly folks hiking the Pacific Coast trail. It kicks my ass everytime getting to them but thats half the fun. A little lower in Elev the same area also has some really nice Brookies and Bows too.  Here is a Golden from last year. I'll post something about this trip when I settle back in. Now go catch something!

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